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Ensuring Contracts are Fit For Purpose

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What ERS Does Best

A great range of administration review and administration services to help you get the best out of your contract agreements.

"The Best Out of Your Contract"


What We Offer

Have you been been presented with a contract by a client, supplier or business associate?  Or are you unsure whether your existing business contracts are fit for purpose? Our services will work for you.

Safe to Sign

We fully check your contract to ensure that it is safe to sign

Review Only

We will review the contract fully to ensure that it is fit for the purpose intended and advise you accordingly.


We can offer re-wording advice to help bring a contract up to specification or update it due to changes in legislation. 


Do you have a problem with an existing contract and are looking to dispute it. We can examine it carefully to see if there are grounds, and then advise you accordingly.

What's not Included

Our contract reviews will generally exclude consideration of pricing structures, delivery timetables, technical specification and other commercially specific schedules or information. These pages are excluded from the number of pages referred to for the cost of the service.

Our Three Tier Process


Contract Review

We will help you review existing contracts and contracts awaiting ratification. Our experts will carefully review any documents and explain difficult to understand clauses.

Contract Wording

Our professionals will review the wording of your upcoming contracts to ensure that the balance is in your favour.

Contract Disputes

Not happy about a particular contract? We can provide the necessary expert advice and professional support to help you dispute the wording in the future.


Proven Successes

Our clients are always satisfied with our work and this is shown by the large number returning to use our service, or make recommendations to friends and family.


Satisfied Customers


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